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With PC Geek Guru computer repairs and servicing is what we do.

Our business goal is to provide the best tech knowledge along with friendly and competitive pricing so you can relax and enjoy all your tech gadgets.


PC Geek Guru was born out of the need to provide a great customer experience without the earth-shattering kaboom of pricing that is in the industry currently. We strive for perfection but yet don't charge like a multi-corporate. We fix everything PC related from your router  that connects you to the internet through to building you a brand new computer, including one off bespoke systems. We have been in business for over 8 years and have many satisfied customers that we have built everything from basic computers right through to network infrastructure.

We actively support an open and free internet and proudly participate in the TOR Project. You can find out more about how TOR helps anonymise internet traffic so that people in oppressive countries can openly use the internet.

We also participate in the SETI@Home project that is run by UC Berkeley to help decode radio signals from space. We do this by using free time on our systems to crunch data supplied by the project.



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Our pricing will suit every budget without breaking the bank.

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Thinking of doing a complete technology upgrade? Then we can help you out.

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New systems or repairs to your current equipment. We do it all.

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A Podcast giving you the latest news from the tech world just for you.

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Want to make sure that your network is secure? Then let us help your business.

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